Monday, April 21, 2008

Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children. ~George Bernard Shaw

This weekend was my nephew's 1st birthday party. In honoring the tradition of birthday parties my sister and Laurie made a really fun train cake:

Of course Tommy made a complete mess with his slice of train and by the end had to be dipped in the bath.

but he obviously loved Chocolate! A boy after my own heart.

Steve and I had a really nice weekend. Friday we had a few people over to watch the hockey game, and got to bed quite late (or early I should say). For some reason my husband decided to break out the bottle of Capomo Tequila that we brought back from Mexico (one of the only things we have from our honeymoon. Stupid American Airlines!)so things got a little hazy the later the night went on.

Saturday we woke up at the crack of noon, took a couple advil and started our day. I had been craving the homemade jerky from the outlet in Luna Pier, so we took a drive down there and bought a couple bags worth of all different kinds. Then we took a ride to Frenchtown mall and got a couple things at Steve & Barry's. I got my nephew a cute shirt with a pacifier on it that said "Pacifist" next to it, as part of his birthday present. Then we decided to splurge a little and we went to Red Lobster and both had the King Crab Legs. We really had a good time making a big mess, and our server was awesome. After making the huge mess we headed to Blockbuster and rented a couple flicks and stayed in for the night.

Sunday was Tommy's birthday party, and we made it home just in time to watch the last half of the hockey game. I was busy doing laundry while Steve and Mike yelled at the TV. I must've gotten a bee in my bonnet or something because I decided to sort through my sock drawyer too. After I had a small pile of never going to find that match again socks, this is what my 27 year old husband and his friend decided to do with my mismatched socks:

After they were done "playing", Mike took me for my very first motorcycle ride! It was awesome! I've ok'd the purchase of one for Steve, AFTER we have the house. It was pretty thrilling!

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