Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life, Puppies and Women cannot be raised on Pizza....

so says my ever philosophical husband. I thought that was so funny, that it must be quoted. We were driving down Telegraph on our way home from the mall and trying to decide what to get for supper when that sentence just fell out of his mouth. Either way, his obvious veto was pizza. Which led me to want to list my top five favorite pizza's.

5. Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready (for no other reason than it is 5 bucks, and satifies a need)

4. Jet's (they are always super cheesy, and I love square pizza)

3. Frank's Pizza (Wyandotte's Family owned classic, good eats! But be prepared to wait)

2. Joey's on Wampler's (Gotta make the hike to Irish Hills for this one, but the friendly staff and the size of the cheesy goodness, plus the lakeview is totally worth it)

1. Old Chicago (Now I'm not sure if it's because it's new or not, but the option of roasted garlic on the pizza makes the slice, plus they have like 100 different beer options, the service is friendly, it's close to home, and the pricing is very reasonable)

Girls night was definately a blast on Friday night. It was so nice to see Marisa! Everytime I see her I miss her more when she leaves. She loves it in Albuquerque though so I hope to go visit her soon! Here she is from Friday night:

School is going well this semester, although it's definately the most overwhelming semester yet. I just had my first Accounting 2 test last night and although he's a bit more lax, the idea's are getting harder for my brain to wrap around. Marketing Seminar is going to be a b*$&#$, I love the teacher though so it really makes me want to excel in this class. For our final project we have to write an entire Marketing Plan for a current business (Marketing Plans are typically between 15-25 pages, the one our group did last semester for Marketing Management was 28 pages and that was for a made up company). This Plan then gets graded on a Rubric Grading System and sent to Owosso to the Main Campus where it is graded AGAIN by a 5 panel group of teachers. This then determines the eligibility of getting our degree. Hmmm, what's that, oh Hi MR. PRESSURE nice to see you again! I thought we said goodbye 7 months ago after the wedding? Good news is that after this I have 2 classes and my Internship to get my degree. Bad news is that it's not my BA. That's another couple years down the road. Any degree is better than none though, and I worked my butt off to get this far.

And with that said, I've got an 8 page paper due tomorrow on a Starbucks case study that was assigned last week.

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Jules said...

You sound like you are trucking right along. Me on the other hand? I'm finally heading back to school and most credits from HFCC won't transfer because they are over 7 years old. Are we that old? Bastards.

Whoa. Marisa! I haven't seen her since high school. She moved out west? Tell her I said hey!