Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Damn the man. Save the Empire

Well I'm not quite sure if Spring is here to stay, but the week has been promising. We haven't gotten to the point to throw the ball around yet, but that's because of the mud and rain. Most of the snow has been melted and the green seems to be coming back into the grass. The only snow left is the dirty muddy snow in spots that the sun hasn't quite hit yet. Spring is a good feeling. My endorphins seem to do a flip inside and my happy mood increases. Plus my good friend and her new husband are in town, so we've been spending time with them. I took the Tadlocks to Opening Day. Candie's husband Ryan has never been to Detroit, so I thought he might enjoy getting into the party that comes along with Tiger's Opening Day. Here's a couple pics:

Tadlock's First Opening Day

Candie and I

April, Me, Candie, & Ryan

The weather wasn't too horrible, low 50's but overcast ALL day long. Yesterday we went down to Mexican town to eat at Xochimilco's with them and Pril & Frank. Good times. I think we were all ready for a nap after we left there.

Tonight my Uncle Mark and his family should be landing in Detroit from Seattle for my Papa's 90th birthday celebration on Saturday. We're getting family portraits done, with all the fam. I'm responsible for the fruit tray! Good job on designating that to be my job, Mom! haha! I guess they've learned that I'm only good for hor d'oeuvres! Seriously, my dips are fantastic, but get any harder than that and you have to turn to my husband. He's the chef in the family. I would need to follow a recipe to exactness, and even then in might not turn out right! hahahaha!

School starts this week. So Wednesday's and Monday's are my long days. I hate not getting home until ten at night. It's exhausting! But C'est la vie!

(dang I'm on it with the French words today! lol!)

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