Thursday, April 10, 2008

I can keep rythym with no metronome

This week has been so crazy busy. I started this blog on Tuesday and have just decided to scrap it and restart. First I had family in from Seatlle which is always guaranteed to prove a good time with the fam. Here's a couple pics:

This is all of us first cousins. I know there are only 5 (the little one is my sister's youngest daughter) of us, but I think that's plenty of personality to go around in our family! Since we're all crazy and goofy! To prove it here's a couple that might make you smile:

These were all from my Papa's 90th birthday party. Which was an absolute blast. Plus he had fun, which was the point after all.

On Tuesday, Steve and I went and bought bikes. We went to Meijer because we just wanted cruisers and they had the best deals. Well we spent so much at Meijer and because of this they gave us a free Slow Roasted Chicken! hahaha! I was like, um, ok thanks for the free chicken. But damn if it wasn't one of the best tasting free chickens EVER. We went to stuff the bikes in the car and of course both of them wouldn't fit, so I rode one home (almost a mile).

Marisa flys in tonight from Albuquerque, GIRLS NIGHT TOMORROW! Can't wait!

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