Monday, March 24, 2008

Smoking is one of the leading causes of statistics...

Well today should have been the day that Steve and I woke up in Florida, and began getting ready to attend our best friend's wedding. I know what you're thinking! You didn't go to your best friend's wedding!?!?!? Well first, we had less than a month's notice; second, it's in Florida; third, my husband started his new job today!!!! We are both bummed we had to cancel our plans to attend. Of course we were planning on making the 15 hour car trip before the news came that Steve got the job. Although plans got derailed and I'm SUPER bummed I can't be there to watch her get married, they will be here on Friday! I really wanted to meet her boyfriend BEFORE he was her husband, but plans change. Candie has lived in Florida for the last two years, since joining the Air Force. I'm so happy that she is so happy. Happy Wedding Day Candie & Ryan! Welcome to the club Mr. & Mrs. Tadlock!

This last week has been a busy one. My parents and in-laws both made it back from their trips in one piece. All baggage intact (which is more than I can say for our honeymoon!lol!) My mother, who is in all respects a natural "ginger", came back decently burned. Even my stepdad who is Italian had pink feet and ears. They got me the coolest magnets (if you know me I collect magnets from different places and/or odd magnets that are one of a kind) My current fav's are the magnet Frank got me from Belgium, the small hand painted watercolor on coconut shell my parent's got me from St. Kitt's, and the sushi magnet Steve got me from Target. (I'll take some pictures of them soon to show) The Miller Parents came back from Gatlinburg tired and happy to be home. They had a great time in their cabin in the mountains, and went to a great hockey game in Nashville. Dawn got me the cutest "teeny magnet" with a picture of the Smokey Mountains on it.

Now that Steve is back to work we can start planning things again. GAME ON! We have been looking on the internet at houses in the area, seeing what's there so that in 6months or so we can actively start shopping. I think we'll be looking in the Trenton area. We have a pretty good list of what we want included in the home. Steve really wants that basement "man den", a nice size yard for our future dog, and a garage. I really want a nice updated kitchen, and a house with a living room & family room. The pluses that would be nice but not necessary would be a fireplace, a second bath, and included appliances. We really want everything to be updated, like windows, furnace/ac, roof, and hw tank. I think with all the time we'll give ourselves to shop we should be able to find something nice in our price range. Especially in this market being 1st time home buyers!

In school news, I passed that bitch of a class called Accounting with a B! I'm so happy. I had a 79 going into the final so I must've really done well on the final. I also got a A in Applied Marketing. Steve got straight A's this semester. It's too bad he can't go for the next couple of semesters because of his new job. He's so close to being in the clinicals, but his new job has him on swing shift for awhile. Good news though it that they help with tuition once you're union.

Quitting smoking it still going superbly. I have cheated on the nights we've been out celebrating and drinking, but once a week is better than everyday! Soon it won't even be that!

Steve has started a new low-carb diet that he's really motivated to stay on. He would like to lose at least 30 lbs by the summer. I think I'll join him for the most part since I would like to lose about 10-15 and get into better shape. We've been out shopping to bikes lately. I found this really cute Schwinn that is a good price. The only problem is that now that Steve is going to be on swing shifts I don't have anyone to ride with me. I'll have to employ a like minded friend and motivate them to join me! I think Pril's a good choice to ask! She's alway's looking for ways to get un-lazy.

Well back to work!

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Jules said...

I left a long rambling comment about cake on my blog replying about the cake... Then I thought... Well you might not read the comments. So it's there. That is, if you'd like to read it.

I'm rambling again. Good job on the smoking. I quit about 5 years ago but I still would smoke (while hiding in the bathroom from my husband) at the bars and such. Thats the hardest part! Keep it up!