Monday, March 10, 2008

As I was walkin' down rubadub square

Well it's been a little less than a month since I quit smoking. The cravings are pretty much gone except for when I'm drinking, which is when I have cheated. Not too bad though, I'm proud of myself so far.

Friday we went out for Friday Fishfry at Dom Polski's with Steve's dad and then some friends ended up there and we stayed and hung out. It was nice because a couple of them we hadn't seen in awhile and it was totally random that they showed up there.

This week is finals, and I've been busting my arse to be ready. This has been one of the more difficult semesters that I've had since I started there almost 3 years ago, although I just imagine it gets worse from here. I just need a little perseverance to get through it all. Accounting has been my nemesis for the last 10 weeks, not so much because of the subject, but because of the anal-ness (is that a word?) of the teacher. The Marketing class I'm taking has been smooth sailing and I've really enjoyed the class. Next semester is pretty much more of the same. Accounting 121!(ARGH!) and Marketing Seminar. Only 5 classes to go until I have my good enough for a raise degree. Then on to my accelerated BA program (unless it's a little TOO crazy) This 12 year plan until I have my BA degree is discouraging, although it's no one's fault but mine for not trying to get it done sooner.

Feeling a little overwhelmed this week since after I get to breathe from finals we will be taking the littlest sister-in-law (Shelby, 8) and keeping her until the 20th while the inlaws are out of town. I love having her with us though, she's so easy and Steve loves being able to have her around. Saturday morning I am waking up at the crack and taking my parents to the airport because they will also be gone for the week on their first cruise. THEN on Sunday, the three of us are going to my sisters early in the morning because my sister and her husband are travelling to New York to see Jackdaw (David A's band, Jackdaw) So we will be in charge of 4 children for 48 hours. Oldest being 8, youngest being 11 months. Can you say chaos??? Well it's not finished, after leaving there Monday (I have to work so Steve will be left it charge of 3 of them, can you say good luck? haha) and then dropping off the last of our charges on Thursday night, we're supposed to leave EARLY Friday morning and drive down to Florida for my best friend's Monday afternoon wedding, then drive back Tuesday.

Is there a better word for overwhelmed?

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Pril said...

that is crazy!!! eventful and a true test for those kids! LOL your the one who will have them first with our friendship so enjoy the practice! LOL
Love ya