Friday, February 22, 2008

8 days into a healthier new me

I have been SMOKE FREE now for about 8 days. Friday and Saturday night were the hardest. Especially at Liz's housewarming party where I was one of 3 people that didn't smoke. Steve has been really good about supporting me. Although he has decided not to join me in the venture to quit yet. He's been smoking outside, and won't smoke in the car with me. Which is really sweet, since I didn't think he'd be so great about me inhibiting his habit.

We had a pretty fun low-key weekend. Especially since I was so sick on Thurs and Friday that I couldn't leave the couch.

Classes are going well, although Accounting is a bitch because the teacher's grading is totally anal. And when I mean anal, she grades to the hundreth of a point! C'mon lady none of us are going to be CPA's here!

Our friend Candie just booked tickets for he and her boyfriend to come home for a visit in about a month so I'm really excited to see her.

Steve passed his test for the job and made it through the first interview, next week is the drug test. Easily passed! So pray for us that we will be a dual income family once again!

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