Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life it's Up and Coming

We it's officially 2 days until my quit date. Tonight I am going shopping to make little quit baggies. I'm going to fill them with little hard candies, rubberbands, straws, sunflower seeds. To begin with I have decided to do it without medical help. I'm not a big fan of medication to begin with since I seem to get every side effect known to man. If I feel I need more help I plan to try the lozenges. I know the biggest part will be going to the bar, and driving. Although I have significantly cut down to help the process (limited myself to between 2-4 a day, unless we're at the bar) I'm still worried about the withdrawl symptoms. I'm determined to do this though because I want to be healthier and we plan to start a family somewhere in the near future.

In other news Steve is going for his test at Great Lakes. I know he'll do well. He's smart and interviews really well. Pray for us that he'll get the job! It would be really great to get our "Planning Train" back on board.

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Jules said...

So how is the not smoking thing going!@?!?!