Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Super Birthday Bowl!

The weekend ended up being super dooper, other than the fact that my mom was sick. Because she was sick we didn't end up cleaning out Papa's basement, but Steve and I did go visit with Papa, and then went ice skating with my sister and her family. It was pretty great. Although I do have to say that it was pretty weird skating after not for over a decade. My neices were skating for their first time so that was fun. I took along my camera and my brother-in-law's sister and mom came along too. Here's a couple pics:

Steve was mostly pulling me here. So I was a bit scared.

My sister has all the skill in the family! lol!

Steve and Allie, this is the cutest picture!

Afterwards we went to Pasquali's and met with Kristen and Aunt Karen. Then we hung out at my sister's until about 11:30.

Sunday I cleaned while Steve went shopping for the Superbowl Party. The more people we talked to the more we felt it was going to be a full house! And we were right! About 20 peeps came over to hangout and watch the game. And Celebrate my Birth! My wonderful husband got me a Fender acoustic! I'm so excited. I've been able to play a little for the last 5 years, but nothing worth being able to say I can actually play. I'm can't wait to learn more. IT came with a case, extra strings, a DVD, and picks. I watched the first 3 "chapters" and practiced last night and Steve seems to think I'm a natural. At least I already know how to read music from playing the clarinet way back when. The party was a success. We made our own squares and everything. Steve won $37, I didn't win any money. Here's some pictures from that:

Time to go, I have to study for an exam that's tonight. Be careful on those roads tonight if you are by me, my mom says they are pure ice!

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