Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's Quitten' Time

Well we didn't get as much snow and the weather guy said (it's usually one way or the other) but my mom is really sick with a cold, so cleaning the basement at my Papa's got cancelled. However we rearranged plans and are still going to visit him and then go ice skaing with my sister and her family (sans baby Tommy). After we are off to Pasquali's for dinner. MY FAVORITE ITALIAN PLACE EVER!!! My Aunt called and she made the cupcakes mentioned earlier so we are going to try to figure out how to get them to me (since she lives over an hour away). I hope something works out! My neices sent me the cutest email today. Called a monk-e mail. IT was a picture of an animated monkey with their voices on it singing "Happy Birthday" to me! I laughed so hard and my sister said they worked on getting it right for like an hour. Too funny.

So Steve's application got accepted at US Steel and he goes in for a test on the 15th. This isn't quite getting hired, but it's definately promising! We're not sure what the test consists of or what job he'd be slated for. But keep us in our prayers that this goes our way! Gotta try to keep our plan in the works, even in this economy! lol! Plus benefits would be awesome!

In school news, the semester is going well. 4 weeks in and I'm feeling pretty confident that it will be a sucessful one. My Applied Marketing teacher is pretty outside the box and takes us on field trips almost every week. So far we've gone to Starbucks, Target, and On the Border. I think next week in Old Navy. Accouting is o.k. There really isn't anyway to make Accounting exciting and at least she's doing the best she can to make us understand it. We took our first exam this past Thursday and I'm feeling pretty confident that it went well!

So the big news about the title is that I went in for my Smoking Cessation program on thursday. I'm not the heaviest smoker, about 4-6 a day, unless I'm drinking, and I've been wanting to see about the different ways to quit for sometime now. I've tried cold turkey and it just hasn't worked out for me. Well my cousin who's in dental school needed a smoking cessation patient, and I decided to do it. I got a bunch of literature and we set my quit date for the 14th! Valentine's Day. I was worried about weight gain and irritation. The instructor told me that most people's avarage weight gain in 5-7 pounds and there are alot of techniques I can use to calm the irritation. She really suggested a yoga class, or if I don't have time to try to meditate. She showed me all the different forms of medication. I think I'm going to try it without the medicine and if I feel that I can't seem to cope I'll try something that's over the counter. The Lozenges looks the best for me. So WISH ME LUCK! Hopefully soon I'll join the world of the non-smokers!

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