Thursday, January 31, 2008

Button, button whose got the button

So I ordered these two pair of courderoy pants off of Victoria's Secret. Now I'm not usually one to order pants off the internet, for a couple reasons. First because I'm 6 feet tall it's hard to find pants that are actually long enough and look right. Second because I don't tend to trust that it will fit right, so I'm an avid tryer-on-er. This deal was too good to pass up (On clearance for $19.99) Since when does VS ever have anything for under $20 that isn't a pair of cotton panties? Not only were they onsale for under $20 but they also had them in super tall (36 inch inseam) and because I had a $50 gift card from Christmas from my mother-in-law, it was a perfect match. I usually trust brand quality from VS, everything I've ever ordered from there is wonderful (of course it has to be IN STOCK or otherwise you're pretty much screwed). Ordered and happy I was counting down the days until they arrived. Well they came in and are WONDERFUL, until yesterday when I went to use the restroom and the button above the fly just *POOF* pops off. Oops, now I know that saying that says something like "pennywise but pound foolish"

This weekend we are going to my Papa's house to clean out the basement. Of course this has become weather permitting since we are supposedly supposed to get pounded with snow today and tomorrow. My mom wants to get rid of the extra old furniture and my grandma's clothes. My Aunt is coming and because my birthday is a couple days away she's making me her famous ice cream cone cupcakes. I'm very excited about them. It's been at least a decade since I've eaten them last.

Sunday we are having people over for the Superbowl/My birthday. I'll be 28 on Monday! How time flies. I was just thinking how 2001 wasn't that long ago, and it's been 7 years! And Mardi Gras week comes early this year. Hope you have you Pazckes ordered for Tuesday! I can't wait. It's worth the pound I'll gain from eating a couple or four of them!

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Jules said...

I hope you have a fabulous birthday! I'm jealous that you are having ice cream cone cupcakes! I love those things but haven't had them in ages. Now I need to search the internet for a good version of them!