Monday, January 21, 2008

Time for a change

Well my 28th Birthday is imminent. While everyone will be celebrating the Superbowl, cheering on their Patriots or Giants, I will be counting down the last hours of my 27th year. I might do it with some revelry, since everyone is coming over to watch the game at our place. My husband is ever the host, so this happens quite often. I don't mind, I love the feeling of a full house, with everyone gathered around playing cards or watching the big game. Our friends Brittany and Alex have been looking for a house. I'm really excited for them since they seem to have found one they really like in Allen Park. I hope they get it! I do have to say I am a little envious though since this is two of our "couple friends" (who are younger than both of us) to have done this, and Steve and I are still renting. I get the emails everyday though and keep my eyes open online, so that when we are ready, I'll have the perfect one in the wings. I have to admit that I have the perfect one in mind already, but sigh, it will probably filled with someone else's family by the time we can afford it! Boo!

Over the weekend we went to my sister's house to celebrate my youngest niece's 4th birthday. It was fun. I love getting together at her house and getting to spend time with the friends and family that come to their gatherings. Afterwards we went to Ashley's with Alex and Brittany. Steve and I have been there once before, and loved it. This time the service was horrible! It took our server over 15min before she even got our drinks. Our food was messed up. All in all, the only thing good that came out of it was the beer. Alex and I tried the Bell's Winter White, and Steve got the microbrew sampler. Sunday of course people came over to watch the playoffs.

In other news, I cut 6inches off my head! I know, I can't believe I did that either. I was bored and needed a change. I think next time I'll have Tracy put a few more layers in it.

Steve, Allison and I. (like auntie, like niece! haha!)

Uncle Ed and Tommy (see I told you their gatherings are fun!)

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