Monday, January 28, 2008

It's been 4 months already?

Well today is the 4 month anniversary of the day Steve and I got married. Nothing too different besides Steve's still strong search for a new job. Of course this is Michigan after all. I know it's starting to sound like a lame excuse, but seriously, nothing in the Michigan economy has gotten better over the last few months so why should our situation have changed. Steve did go for a promising interview, but a guy with like 15 years experience, who came out of retirement, got the job. Bummer for us, but he is obviously more qualified. Steve and I have continuously set a plan for our first year, and the year after that. The delays of a new job are setting that plan further behind. I get a little discouraged from time to time, but I know something will come and it will work out.

The thing is we are in a perfect situation to purchase our first home in Michigan. We are first time home buyers, currently renting. So we wouldn't have to sell something first. I can't wait until we can seriously start looking at a house. Of course moving all four fishtanks is gonna be a bitch. Speaking of our fish two of our fish, the Dempsi and the Dovi have decided to breed. Doesn't look like this first hybrid batch is gonna hatch much of anything though. I wish our angels would breed. Last time the pleco got to the eggs first. Here's a picture of one of our tanks:

The weekend was nice. Steve and I went to the first Vegas Night of the year at the KofC in Dearborn. We usually go to these about 5-6 times a year. Our friend Aj's parents love them and they are for a good cause. Steve and I bring $20 a piece and play until we run out or until we want to leave. It's a good time and the drinks tend to be cheap. Our dealer this last weekend was hilarious! He was an 86 year old man who called himself "Rotten Richard" and had dirty jokes in his pocket. We played for about 4 hours and walked out $16 richer than when we came in. Saturday and Sunday were pretty relaxing. Saturday we decided to be lazy and so we went out for dinner at Charly's on the River (excellent food!) and rented a couple of scary movies. Sunday was more of the same. We wanted to go to Miller's in Dearborn for some good greasy burgers, but they weren't open so we ate at La Pita instead. On the way towards home we decided to go check out what was playing at the IMAX. U2! blah! Skip that. I was hoping to check out that Dinosaur's 3D one. We left and just kind of scenic drove back home and got comfy on the couch again. Not a productive weekend, but nice and relaxing. Just what I needed.

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