Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This is Michigan after all....

Well from RECORD HIGHS in the 60's last week to highs this weekend in the low teens this is certainly Michigan weather.

Steve and I were watching this show the other day about Evangelical Christians in North Dakota called "Jesus Camp." In it they put down the idea of Global Warming. Saying that it doesn't exist!!! They also showed statistics of how many people in the U.S. are Evangelical Christians, and it makes me worry about all these kids being home schooled that are being taught that Evolution is a lie, and so is Global Warming. Now I'm not one to refute Creationism, but I also think that the Evolution Theory should also be discussed. In this movie they show the children of a few different families in their homes, on vacation, and at camp. At church camp the children speak in tongues, and one little girl seems to be crying all the time. The boys bunk even gets in trouble for telling ghost stories, because it goes against the bible. The woman pastor of this church and of the camp goes on and on about Pro-Life and about how Harry Potter is evil. She even takes some of these children to Washington D.C. to protest abortion by putting stickers over their mouths, after a guest speaker brings in a pictures of fetus' at certain weeks of gestation and tells the children (ages 4-12) what happens during abortion. I love a good documentary into a different way. I would suggest watching this for your own opinion, but from mine I can tell you I will never be joining the Evangelical Christians anytime soon. Especially since the most renowned speaker of this religion 2 months after this show was put together was indicted in a high-profile scandal involving, among other things, homosexual prostitution, and methamphetamine possession. Nice, eh! I've put some clips on the video bar. Check it out.

Sorry about that tangent! I survived the first week of the semester and I have high hopes that it will be a good one! My Applied Marketing teacher already took us on a field trip to Starbucks, and we have 5 more trips planned to other companies. I like that she's thinking outside the box to teach this course. It's refreshing, and more hands on that just sitting there staring at power point slides listening to a lecture for 3 and a half hours. Accounting is on the next night and although it isn't a very riveting subject, the teacher is very laid back and seems reluctant to move on until most of the class has the concept, which I appreciate. Although I'm one of the oldest in this class so it could become annoying with some of the "children" that act that way in this class.

On another note Steve had an interview for a new job at Railroad company yesterday! He said it went well, the shift isn't that great, but it seems like he could like it. Pray for us that they offer him the position! It would be a great stepping stone to stop renting, and buy our first house! I've been paying attention to what is out there in the Downriver area for awhile now, and I'm looking forward to the day where we can seriously start looking and put in "the offer"! Of course if it doesn't happen, we both still go to school and moving out of state isn't far off our minds either. We'll see. Time will tell!

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