Monday, January 7, 2008

Keep on a Rockin' me Babe-ay!

Things are perfectly the same as they were at the end of the year last week. Although I am one tooth lighter. Before you ask, three things did not happen: 1. Because most of you think I am a clutz (and are usually right)I did not fall and slam my face to knock it out. 2. There was no drama (of course you know I'm a lover not a fighter anyway) and it was not punched out. 3. The mysterious tooth stealing aliens did not abduct me into the night and steal it for DNA purposes.

Simply and plainly, I had a wisdom tooth that was decalcified, it needed to come out, I got it pulled. I was actually surprised how smoothly it went. I was terribly nervous. I have never had a "dental procedure" before. I was used to just going in for my cleaning and leaving, with a big thumbs up and "We'll see you in 6 months!" The dentist was very nice, and made me feel as comfortable as possible (since my heart was beating about 200 bpm). Once it was out, I asked to see it. It was neat to see how large a tooth is with the root intact. Of course because of OSHA I couldn't bring it home to willingly give it to the Tooth Stealing Aliens.

Our New Years Day feast was a hit. I couldn't believe how many people showed up, hangover and all. I made a more "Sarah" version of Rachael Ray's Frenchbread Pizzas, and Steve made a really yummy spinach and artichoke dip. April& Bryan brought some veggies to munch on. Alex brought over some cookies. Steve was going to try an electrolyte smoothie, but I didn't feel like cleaning the mess so we bought some gatorade and called it a day. Here's a picture of Steve in his cooking mode.
I was determined to stay in my P.J.'s all day and succeeded. Here's a picture of me after my cousin 80'd my hair! AND because Alex couldn't be left out of the silliness, this is what we did to him:

Steve's birthday was last Friday. He turned an ancient 27 years old. We had dinner at his Dad's house and then ended up at our favorite watering hold for the remainder of the evening. Steve and I celebrate our birthday's one month apart. So we are the same age for exactly one month.

School starts Wednesday. I haven't bought my books yet, and I'm a bit nervous since most of my friends that were in the same major with me have either switched majors, gotten ahead because I took fall off, or are done all together. I hope the people in my classes are nice. I hate feeling like the new kid!

P.S. When it comes to the championship game tonight here's a picture from out latest tailgating fun that will sum up who we are routing for:

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