Monday, December 31, 2007

See Ya Later Alligator

Today is New Year's Eve, and I am the only one it seems to be stuck at work on this blustery morning. The sky has spit out a smattering of snow, just enough to make people drive 45mph on I75, with promises of 3-6 more inches by the end of the night. Just what the drunken idiots who decide to drive tonight need, an excuse for their poor driving skills.

Tonight we are going to a party at our friend Mike's house..ok,ok, Mike/Alex/Cale's abode. Should be a fun time. They plan on getting a keg, and playing massive amounts of beer pong, which Team Miller is still the reigning champs. Not sure what I'm going to wear yet, not that it much matters since we're just hanging out with a small group of friends, instead of the huge bashes we usually attend. This is the first year I haven't bought something new to wear for the occasion. Of course my bank account is giving me a big thumbs up for not being weak and going to purchase something last minute.

The Annual Roehrig family Christmas shindig was on Saturday. This is one of my favorite parties because my favorite cousins and my sister and her brude get together and we eat like gluttons and play games and talk. It's always a fun time. Here's a picture of all of us with my Papa (who will be 90 in April):

The three little ones are my sister's kids. My aunt always makes her chocolate desert, which was dubbed by my father over 20 years ago as "the chocolate shit." This is my favorite desert of the year. Of course it's really close between that and my sister's homemade cheesecake. My mom did a change of pace this year though and made lasagna for dinner. Yum! I, however, not being the culinary specialist of the family brought the shrimp ring and the beer. Next time though my mom said that Steve must make something, since he IS the chef of the family and I'm the never ending bragger of his creations.

Tomorrow we are throwing the annual "Hangover and Football" get together. Steve is at home right now going through his recipes deciding what we need and making a list. I'm pretty excited because the last time we threw a football party he made a turkey with this rosemary and olive oil rub, and injected the turkey with garlic butter. Not the healthiest of turkeys, but it was probably the best turkey I've ever had. He is ever the host and is always trying new things to make. I swear even if our cupboards look completely bare to me of anything edible, he'll jump right in and 20 minutes later he'll set a plate in front of me of something incredibly yummy. It's his gift.

"Happiness is too many things these days for anyone to wish it on anyone lightly. So let's just wish each other a bile-less New Year and leave it at that." Judith Crist

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