Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our miracle is turning 2

I can't believe how fast time goes. Our miracle Callista is turning 2, TOMORROW. And she is full of sassafras. She is stubborn and strong willed. She is affectionate and loves her structure. She is an early riser, yet not so much of a morning person. She loves her Daddy and her puppy. She is very much into trucks, dinosaurs and playing outside. She loves coloring and anything creative. She loves to "help" Mama (which has mostly been Mommy for about 5 days, *sad face*) cook and clean. She does not like mashed potatoes. She loves any fruit or veggie, but her all time favorite meal is Mom's spaghetti. She loves grapes, bananas and tomatoes the most. We are working on her listening skills. She is definitely in full swing of the "terrible 2's" we have whining and pouting and tantrum-ing. But we also have giggle fits, and big squeezy hugs, and "lub yous".

She is recognizing shapes and colors, the easiest ones right now are Stars, Hearts and the color Red. She can count to 5, and to 10 with assistance. She is very verbal and is talking in small sentences "I get it" "Mommy look at beast". She has very good manners she is all "pleases" and "thank yous".

Her personality is blooming and I love it. I love seeing her see something for the first time. Her "wows" light up the room. She is pure joy. She is our everything. Every moment of heartache and longing was worth it to be here, and by the grace of God we somehow get to share this experience again!


Total Weight Loss/Gain: +4lbs, just right for almost the end of the 1st trimester

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I'm using the hair tie trick on some pants

Stretch marks: Just the ones from Callie

Sleep: More please. The pure exhaustion is easing, but mostly I could sleep all the time

Movement: Nothing confirmed, maybe some flutters???

Cravings/Aversions: Craving salads and fruit!

Gender: Is doesn't matter to us, we just want a happy healthy bundle of joy!

Symptoms: Sleepy, nauseated, sensitive breasts, round ligament pain, MOODY

What I miss: Having a normal energy level, feeling rested.

What I look forward to: Our 12 week scan with Dr. B

Moods: Generally good, but my moods are all over the place lately. Poor Steve!

Milestones: Baby Peanut measured 11w6d yesterday at my appt heartbeat in the 160's.

Medical concerns: None so far. Baby looks very healthy. No hematoma noticed on ultrasound (Dr. M says we have a 15-20% chance of having another SCH)

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