Friday, January 25, 2013

Challenges and Rewards

When people kept telling me that being a parent was hard, I would just fluff them off and think "sure because you didn't struggle bringing those babies into the world, so you don't understand how bad we want this." But seriously, IT IS. Its the hardest thing I've ever done, and the most rewarding at the same time.

I have highs and lows for my days now. My highs always involve Callie, like the big smile I get when she first wakes up in the morning with her eyes still full of the dreams she just woke from. Or watching her and Steve interact, they adore each other. Kindred spirits from the beginning. However my lows usually involve her too, like the new tantrums she throws when a toy is taken away from her. Or TEETHING! Its the new bane of my existence!

Even when she's fussy I just giggle to myself most times and think "There's a baby in my family room and she lives here!" but other times after a long ten hour day at work, I'd like to just come home and veg. That doesn't happen anymore. Once we walk through that door I'm on my feet until she's in bed. Dinner, bath, pj's, book, bottles ready for the next day, outfits laid out for her and I. Steve works 12 hour days so by the time he walks through the door she's getting her last bottle and ready for bed. I feel bad for him, even though I'm seeing a lot of crabby Callie, at least I still get to see her. Some days Steve hasn't seen her at all because she's asleep when he leaves and falling asleep when he comes home.

I thank GOD for Steve everyday and I applaud single parents out there because I have no idea how you do what you do!

Callie has transitioned into her helmet very easily. She doesn't even notice it and has no problem sleeping in it. I'm thankful for my easy going child. She has a very sweet personality shining through. She is adaptable to new things as long as they don't affect her schedule. (sounding more like she got her looks from her daddy and her Mama's personality)

She loves food and everything new she has tried she has liked. She tried cheese for the first time yesterday and LOVED it. I had no question she would, she is her father's daughter after all. She tried turkey and couldn't get enough. She loves her Gerber puffs. She prefers veggies to fruit (Like ME!) and has even tried pizza crust for the first time (thanks to her Auntie Rachael)

I would say right now Callie's best friend is her puppy. She adores her cousins and loves all the attention she gets from her Grandmas and Aunties.

I've been starting to get ideas together for her birthday on Pinterest. I can't believe she's only a few months away from turning ONE (WHAAAAAAT!!)!

Baby Dos is in the works and we have a game plan. We're ready (Steve has been ready! I needed a little more convincing) We are going on a cruise in a month (Callie will be with Grandma! Eeek!) for a long weekend and are treating it like a babymoon. A little R&R before we head to the TTC trenches again.

(Yes I am the mom who snaps the picture before I take the dog toy out of her mouth!)

Here are a couple cute shots of her in her new helmet!!

(we had a cold this week!)

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Faith said...

The ups and downs are indescribable to anyone who hasn't experienced them. Just a warning, the highs get higher and the lows get MUCH lower with two lol!