Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birth Story...

I'm so sorry this has taken so long, however, being the Mommy of a newborn has taken over so much of my time that if I do have any freetime I'm using it to do normal things like take a shower.

Anywho, Callie is gorgeous and beautiful. She amazes me everyday. I am overwhelmed by the amount of love Steve and I have for her. My fierce mother instict is in full force. She belongs to us and we couldn't be happier.

Birth Story:

May 14th, 2012 we woke to the alarms at 5am as we needed to be at the hospital by 6 to check in. Scheduled c-sections aren't as exciting as going into labor, but the outcome is just as awesome. So we woke up. I was ready before Steve (as usual) so I spent the extra time double/triple checking we had everything we needed. We pulled into the hospital about 6:04 (if I'm with my husband we are always late). They led us into the triage and immediately got me hooked up to the heart monitor for Callie and my IV set up. They filled me so full of saline that I used the restroom about 6 times before the surgery.

My mom and Steve's mom arrived around 7. I hung out with my mom (cried on her shoulder because I was so nervous) until it was time to go. The lovely nurse gave Steve his surgery outfit and then led us back towards the OR. They stopped us by a room where Steve had to wait, I cried a little and kissed him. Then they led me into the operating room. If you have never been in one awake (I had not) its very daunting with all the instruments and its very cold.

The awesome nurse, Tim, gave me a warmed blanket before the anesthesia doctor came in to give me the spinal. I was so nervous about the spinal but it really wasn't that big of a deal. My body immediately started to feel weird and numb. (kind of like orajel over your whole lower half) They got me comfortable on the table and started prepping my belly for the surgery. I could feel tugging and touching, which Tim said was them pulling and yanking on my stomach to make sure I was properly numbed (I WAS). I was so nervous I asked Tim to hold my hand until they let Steve in. He obliged.

They had already started cutting when they let Steve come in. He looked a little nervous, but was so strong for me telling me everything is good and I'm fine. He kept saying how proud of me he was. Literally 3 minutes after they let him in, they told me I would feel lots of pressure as they were taking the baby out. There was the pressure and then Callista Elena was born into the world at 8:35 am. They held her over the curtain and Steve and I were crying with joy. She was finally here, perfect and beautiful. She was crying right away, and even peed and pooped on the nurses right after delivery! She scored an 8 on her initial APGAR, and a 9 on the one 5 minutes after birth.

We were so excited. I was an emotional mess. They brought her over to us and Steve got to hold her.
Steve whispered "Thank you" into my ear and gave me a big kiss! Then he went to be with Callie, while the doctors and nurses finished the surgery. I was able to see the hematoma after. Dr. M even said that it had healed behind the placenta and onto other organs so there was no way a vaginal birth would have even worked.

About 20 min later they wheeled me into the recovery unit where Steve and Callie were waiting. Steve handed her to me, and I kissed her and held her tight. Me holding my daughter. Such a feeling. I will never forget it.


Faith said...

Awww, so sweet! As I read, I re-lived some of my emotions as well. My husband also whispered "thank you" in my ear as soon as Addy came out - I have never told anyone that so it was crazy to read it in your story! She is ADORABLE!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing!!! I LOVE the pic of you holding your baby girl for the first time :)

I still remember when we were stuck in IUI hell....yay for your happy ending

MB Photography said...

A beautiful story! I hadn't heard all those details and I am so happy to read it! Thank you for sharing! Love you!