Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shakes & Dopplers

A Hurdle has been crossed!! According to my OB we are now happily in the second trimester. (others will argue that the second trimester doesn't start for another weekish, but I'm going with my doctor on this one!)

Last night we had our second prenatal visit. Steve wasn't able to make it because of work (He is working like a crazy mad person right now!) There really wasn't much to it. Leave a urine sample, get weighed (ugh!) and blood pressure taken. BUT this time they used to Doppler and I was able to hear our little muffin's heartbeat for the 1st time! It was amazing. I recorded it, but for some dumb reason my out of date phone won't let me send it anywhere because the file is too big. Let me tell you though it was awesome! Baby's heartbeat was found almost right away, and was beating away strong and gorgeous in the 150's.

12-13 weeks

Total Weight Loss/Gain: +4lbs...which I was told is good & normal for being 12.5 weeks

Maternity Clothes: My mom and I went and bought some, and although I haven't worn the slacks, the tops are super cute so I'm wearing one today :)

Stretch marks: None from pregnancy

Sleep: Sleep is still my best friend

Movement: My OB said I'll have a very exciting holiday season with being able to feel the baby for the first time and she said I'll start to have the bump I desire which will look cute for Christmas pictures. Hooray!

Cravings/Aversions: SHAKES!!!!!! I am usually lactose intolerant, and have a big issue with milk, ice cream stuff....but now I'm craving Strawberry Shakes like crazy. And on the plus side they haven't upset my tummy at all (BONUS!)

Gender: We won't know until our appointment in January.

Symptoms: Sleepy, Sometimes nauseated, sensitive breasts, round ligament pain, lower back pain

What I miss: Jimmy Johns, sushi, an active social that order

What I look forward to: Feeling the baby move!

Moods: Generally good, although this week I've been a bit weepy...they weren't kidding about pregnancy hormones!

Milestones: 2nd Trimester!!!!!! Hooray!

Medical concerns: None so far. Baby looks very healthy.

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Faith said...

Woo hoo!! What an amazing milestone!! LOVE IT:)! Oh, and I wanted Jimmy John's SOOO bad when pregnant - we always had to travel up to Tucson for our OB appts (1.5 hours away) and they had one and my hubby could always get a sandwich and I couldn't - torture! I even asked my OB once if she was REALLY sure I couldn't have one for lunch, lol! She was sure...darn! That is one of the first things I ate after having Addy:).