Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birds flying high you know how I feel

Quick question. According to my doctor, and going by my last period, my due date is May 20, 2012...I have been measuring 5 days ahead on the last 2 ultrasounds..Our IUI was done on cycle day 11 (typically 3-4 days before "normal" women ovulate) Would this move my due date or is the baby just tall like his/her mama?

If it does I'm about 10 weeks, if not the ticker on the right is correct...

9-10 WEEKS(ish)

Total Weight Loss/Gain: 3lb gain (ALREADY!?!?) Makes sense since I'm munching non-stop to curb nausea

Maternity Clothes: Bought my first maternity top and a bella band. Don't really need them yet.

Stretch marks: None from pregnancy

Sleep: Still all the time, but I've stayed up past 9:30 a couple nights, which is a bonus!

Movement: Won't feel that for awhile, but Steve got to see the baby move on the ultrasound screen

Cravings/Aversions: Pizza- oh my poor poor pizza, I'm sorry but you are done being in my belly. I've tried twice now and it's just no good. One bite and nausea sets in. Lately I've been craving sour stuff (banana pepper rings, lemons, vinegar)

Gender: Is doesn't matter to us as long as the baby is healthy

Symptoms: Sleepy, Sometimes nauseated, sensitive breasts, round ligament pain, lower back pain

What I miss: Having a normal energy level, being able to eat anything I want.

What I look forward to: Getting a BUMP and seeing the baby again on Nov 8th

Moods: Generally good. Although I've noticed I get snippy/crabby at mealtimes and before bed.

Milestones: Graduated from RE!!

Medical concerns: None so far. Baby looks very healthy.

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~Liz~ said...

I usually ovulate on CD11, so my due date is technically 4 days sooner than my doc is going by. They stick pretty hard to LMP date. They said unless it was more than a week off on growth, they wouldn't adjust the due date. Whatev. :) We know when we conceived so I let them think what they want and go by my ovulation date. :)