Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This ain't no Trivial Pursuit

Us at Niagara

So still no AF. I'm getting impatient here. She should've been here in the last couple days and we all know it's not because I'm preggo. She's just being her stubborn ole self. It could also be because I missed a couple pills in between here and there. But I didn't go way off course. I'm ready to get this show on the road. A few people have asked "Why are you still trying IUI if they haven't worked by now?" There's really a few reasons.

1. Our insurance covers it (YAY!)

2. While doing IUI our medication is also covered (BIG HUGE YAY!) so we're IVF hoarding

3. Dr. M thinks it's totally possible for IUI's to work, its my eggs that need to get in gear.

4. We're still saving for IVF, so we'll keep trying IUI style until we have the moolah.

Steve and I were discussing the IVF and came up with a game plan over this past weekend. We've decided to push it back to Feb/March. He doesn't want to "just" have enough, he wants a little cushion in case we need to do an FET too. I think it's a smart plan. He knows I like to be frugal and have a little extra, so it seems like a good strategy to me. Even though it puts me past my 32nd birthday (NOT COOL!). I agreed, and gotta say it's really nice to have it set, instead of a maybe late this fall. If we've saved enough before then, then we'll talk. But right now come hell or highwater (or hopefully not at all because one of the darned IUI's could work!) we have a February Plan.


Jules said...

Sarah, you have to do what is best for you. Not what everyone else wants. We were actually told we had no hope that IUI's would work so we moved on to IVF. Stocking up on your meds is a fabulous idea. We just learned that if we had moved on to IVF last year our meds would have been covered. Now we have to pay for ALL of them. Go figure. I honestly think that had my Doc not said that IUI wouldn't work that we would still be doing them and saving for the IVF as opposed to how we are doing it. I hope that it happens for you and Steve asap!

Faith said...

Yay for your insurance covering your IUIs! We never had that, but if you have it, use it, girl:)! I have a feeling one of the IUIs will work...I hope I'm right! Your plan sounds awesome - I, too, like to have a cushion:). Good luck!