Wednesday, April 20, 2011

But what do May flowers bring?

Hopefully lots of shoppers to our garage sale! We've received several donations and have already even made a little bit of money too! I wish I knew a better word for overwhelmed, but it's exactly how I feel. I'm overwhelmed by the support people are showing for us. I'm overwhelmed by the gifts not just donations we have received. Not just monetary, but offering time and resources to help us make our dream come true.

I also hope May brings an easy IUI cycle with lots of mature eggs (good quality too and maybe,just maybe a positive test) Just because we've become realistic about our chances with IUI working (maybe less than 5% at this point), doesn't mean we don't have hope that it couldn't. Dr. M said it's really up to my body. We're doing everything the right way, now my body needs to make a good quality egg and release it and we could have "GO" time. But as most of us infertiles know, it's not that simple. In fact it's not "simple" at all.

Not sure if anyone else does this and it must mean I'm still hopeful at least deep down. But when Steve and I watch something on TV or go to the movies, or when I'm at the school for my yoga class I always look at the first names of people and decide which ones I would like for "future children." It's a habit. I can't help myself. Do any of you do this? So yesterday we watched the 1st episode of Crown of Thorns that we had recorded on the DVR and there was an actor with the first name of "Emilia" and I thought that was such a pretty name/way to spell it. Then my mind instantly flipped to I would nickname her "Lia", one can hope that I'll be able to one day use one of these "ideas" someday...

There's lots of things coming up in the next month or so, baby showers (yuck!), wedding showers (ok!), concerts (hurray!) and camping (oh my!)...lots of good memories and stories to share to come.

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