Wednesday, March 9, 2011

P..C...Oh you gotta be kidding me...S

I'm not sure if I've mention this before but in the past, oh I'd say 5 years, I have begged a good dozen times to be tested for PCOS. All of the doctors I have spoken with kept telling me with confidence that I didn't have polycystic ovarian syndrome (for those who don't know the acronym).

"You don't have any outwardly symptoms of PCOS" Dr. A#$&*#
"But I haven't had a period in 2 years!" ME

"You hormone levels are fine, you don't have PCOS" Dr. B#@&*#
"But you're saying I don't ovulate on my own?" ME

FFFFFFIIIIIIINNNNNAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY...after THREE AND A HALF YEARS of TTC, Dr. M just nonchalantly says "Oh well since your ovaries are polycystic in appearance, these a. b. & c. reasons are why we don't think it has worked thus far."

Of course I say "Waaaaaaa? So you're saying I have PCOS?"

"Most definitely. You didn't know this?" Dr. M.

So when people say you are the most informed on your own body, or to listen to your gut. Seriously LISTEN TO IT. I knew it. I knew it all along. This is not to say that I've been being treated incorrectly, I haven't. But still an answer to our plight! The reasoning behind why 4 IUI's haven't worked other than "Uh, we don't know it's all a guessing game after the insemination." (which really is basically true anyhow) It's still nice to know I'm not crazy.

This is what the Doc told me about PCOS and egg quality. Women with PCOS produce more testosterone than women without PCOS. This testosterone can dilute the quality of a maturing egg. So while you may be ovulating with the medication (like I have) the egg quality might not be so great because of the PCOS.

In other words its a guessing game anytime I ovulate. The good news is, however, that potentially IUI could work. One of those very precious follicles I'm developing could contain a beautiful egg that has matured normally. Please let us hope that it's this month!

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Faith said...

Yay for answers!!! Fingers crossed that this month is the month for you:).