Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And we'll all float on OK

I'm so excited for the weekend that this week is just D R A G G I N G on...but in the meantime I have super great fantastic news!

Steve has been studying super hard to get into the Mechanical Learners program where he works. The program is 18 months long and the entrance test is extremely difficult. Once finished you are a state certified "something fancy I can't remember" mechanic. He went to a couple classes, he did the 1 week online program and we made flash cards. I've never seen him study this hard before! The perks of getting into this program are it increases his Labor Grade 2 whole steps once he's done (1 by just getting into the program) and for the entirety of the program he's on a straight day shift Monday thru Friday with weekends off! As you can probably guess HE PASSED!!! He did great! He'll be starting the program in a few weeks! I am so proud of him! AND the big plus is we'll get to spend our weekends together again! So if you know me then you know I'm a huge fan of lazy Saturdays and garage-saleing in the summertime!

This also means I'll be able to plans things with the RE easier. Before it was like "oh gosh what shift will he be on when I'm ovulating!" Silly I know, but a stresser nonetheless.

We have our IVF consult next Monday. I am going to cancel the one with WSU since I found the other one in Kzoo. It just doesn't make any sense to go to 2, when I'm probably not going to go to the other. I'd rather hear what Dr. M has to say about our situation and go from there. We plan on doing 3 more IUI's anywho to save money.

In other things about town, Lent is coming up. I think I'm going to give up a few things this year. Numero One being FAST FOOD! At first I was going to just give up Taco Bell, but I think I'll give it all up together. I've been cooking almost everyday for the last few weeks and even enjoying it a little (don't tell Steve!) I think it'd be fun to try some new recipes. I even (GASP!) downloaded a cookbook to my Kindle!

Oh and P.S. Had my CD3 monitoring today. Everything looks swell! No cysts are to be seen. Lots of little guys are ready to grow! Looks like we're clear to begin IUI #5

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