Monday, March 21, 2011

My life in two week intervals

My life hasn't been the same since we got back on the TTC block and starting preaching to my uterus to grow a Wee Baby Miller. I now live my life in two week intervals. The first two weeks (PRE Ovulation) and the second 2 weeks (POST ovulation) The first couple weeks go like this:


1. Call the doctor because another treatment hasn't worked, ball my eyes out, suck it up & move on (not as easy as it sounds), have a glass of wine (or 4)

2. Go in for cycle day 3 ultrasound & bloodwork..Oh and begin another round of hormone medication.

3. Continue heading to the doctor everyday at 6am *or every other day* while still taking the medication *or increasing the dosage* then rush to make it to work on time and stay on the edge of my seat until the doctor calls to tell me the results

4. IUI, IUI, IUI. (at some point before the IUI it's the weekend so I can have another few glasses of wine/beer)



2. I don't have to go to the doctor so I can sleep in an extra hour. Of course my internal clock doesn't know this, so I wake up early. (or a few hours early because the hormones/vitamins make me have to pee a million times a day)

3. It's the weekend. You can't drink. You try to fake it with a pop in a glass because you don't wanna have to tell everyone AGAIN that you're STILL TTC. They figure it out anyway and then you're automatic DD.

4. You are hyper aware of any little twinge/cramp/"symptom"** that could possibly mean it finally worked

**symptoms are the devil. The medication I take gives me the same symptoms. PMS gives you the same symptoms.

And then (for me) it starts all over again.

Right now I'm on #4 for the post section (9 days past IUI) and pulling my hair out! Trying to "relax" I did NOT buy any tests and don't plan to. (too much temptation) One more week to go...

Is/was it the same for you?


Faith said...

Yep, pretty much the same for me - except my consolation meal was always McDonald's (hot fudge sundae and al!). It's how I wallowed and got ready for the next hellish month. Uggghh. And my dr was 1.5 hours away from me, so all that driving really took a toll on me...trying to get back to work at a reasonable time, then being distracted waiting for results. It's all so fresh still, believe it or not. I never bought tests by the last 6 months or so. I never tested, just waited for AF. It was like devastation twice if I tested - the negative THEN AF. So I chose to skip the test. Until this last time, when I just knew I was pg. Your time IS coming, just wish you knew when! ((((HUGS)))) to you through this dreaded 2ww -you're almost through it!

Jules said...

Oh Sarah! I know it all to well. Faith and I were in the same boat making the 1.5 hour drive. And don't even get me started on the IUI days that left my husabnd in a "closet" with no room for me while he attempted to get the sample ready. We couldn't drive it up from home because so many die within that 1.5 hour drive. At least I got to claim the miles driven on my taxes... Then the ultrasounds, poking and stabbing from nurses and doctors, and the waiting for calls. Plus the misery of sympotoms and the confusion that caused and the waiting for AF. It's pure hell but it's all so worth it in the end. I just hope there is an end in site for me. I'm thinking of you guys and can't wait for you to pregnant with Wee Baby Miller. Hopefully we get a chance to get together when I'm home!

Holly said...

Minus the 6am appointments and IUI this is my life, too. I'm on day 7. Just took my last dose of Femara...(for this month). Now 10 days of OPK await. I agree, every little cramp, twinge, gas bubble strikes the notion of "I think this is it!" And it never is. I'm with you girlie.

womb for improvement said...

I've never had regular cycles so my weeks seem to be:
ovulation test, ovulation test, ovulation test.
How did I miss ovulation?
Try again.