Sunday, January 16, 2011

Take THAT pituitary gland!

So FINALLY my body decides to react nicely to the torture I've been subjected to over the last 6 months! Well it reacted pretty well the 1st couple times too, but things always seemed to go wrong..(i.e. Good size follicles, no ovulation..great follicles, ovulation, but out of town so IUI was only 9hrs post trigger which I think is TOO early!)

Today I was given the good news to trigger tonight! My estradiol levels have gone up quite nicely to reach a whopping 383 on CD12. I have 2 good follicles on my right ovary screaming to be released! Well at least that's what I'm hoping for! Plus 2 potential mates that could be ready by IUI time. Because I'm having a nice cycle this month Dr. M and his lovely nurse K think a back to back IUI might be beneficial. So tomorrow is IUI #4a and Tuesday is IUI#4b. I don't think I could count Tuesday's as IUI #5 because its the same cycle so I think A & B is more relative.

I've wanted to do a double IUI for a long time now, but I didn't think they would go for it. Also, it isn't the most comfortable event so I was pretty hesitant.

Now I'm gung-ho and excited to do this. We'll have to finagle a bit with our schedules, but right now I have a good feeling about this! Keeps your fingers & toes crossed and your prayers flowing for the next couple weeks...I know I will be!

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