Friday, December 3, 2010

Past the Point of No Return

Man, Do I LOVE the Phantom of the Opera. I can remember ever since I was about 14 listening to the soundtrack and learning the words. I remember when my high school took a trip to Toronto and I was super excited that we were going to see Phantom live at the Pantages Theatre. Then they made the movie and I was so excited to see how they'd put the masterpiece to film. I loved it. I still do. I'm not such a fanatic anymore, but when I hear it I "sing" along evertime (sing is in quotes because my voice is nowhere near worthy enough)

Anywho I digress...We've made it! Today is 11 days past our IUI! This is a realm of unknown to me. My hopefulness has gone down (quite a bit) since I'm super bloaty and cramping, BUT no AF and it's 11dpiui! hooray! IF this is as far as we go (and I'm really really hoping it isn't) then it is still an improvement from the other 2 IUI's.

IUI #1 - triggered, IUI 46 hours later, AF 10dpiui
IUI #2 - triggered, IUI 14 hours later, AF 10dpiui

So it can't be from the timing. I'm crediting the booster HCG shot and I'm trying not to get excited, but...................(I am a little)

Did I mention it's 11dpiui?

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