Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sorry Mario, but the Princess is in another castle...

HOORAY! My body is finally paying attention to all the hormones I've been injecting into it! Here's a small breakdown:

CD 3- Estrogen Level (E2)- 42 Nice and low for beginning of cycle
Follicles- Bunches mostly 9's & 10's
75mL of Menopur injected for 5 days

CD 8- Estrogen Level (E2)- 72 eh, it's coming up but not quickly
Follicles- Largest is a 12 on the right and 10 on the left
150mL of Menopur injected for 2 days

CD 10-Estrogen Level (E2)- 117 slowly but surely going up
Follicles- Largest is a 12 on the right and 11 on the left (NOT GROWING!)
225mL of Menopur injected for 2 days

CD 12-Estrogen Level (E2)- 469!! About time my body reacted!
Follicles- Largest is a 16 on the right and 13 on the left (bunches of 12-10's)
225mL of Menopur injected for 2 days

Back on Friday for ANOTHER scan and bloodwork. Doc B says we will most likely trigger Friday afternoon, and do the IUI Saturday morning. I'm a bit concerned that we'll do the IUI less than 24 hours post trigger, but she said it's not too different. So we'll see. She also mentioned that if this doesn't result in pregnancy we probably won't try this medication again. UGH! ALL of these boxes of unused medication because my body won't react or reacts just right, but won't release!

I wish there was some kind of map out there or flow chart that says TRY THIS- did it work- ok, NO, follow the "no" arrow to the corresponding "next thing to try" box and we are all privy to it or similar. Unfortunately every woman is different not only in size, shape and personality, but also how her body decides to react to hormones and pregnancy. It's mapless.....

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