Thursday, July 1, 2010

you want me to put that needle where?

So I had my injection class yesterday and it was really informative. I thought we'd have to put the shots in my bum, but turns out they all go in your belly just like the trigger shot I've been doing (ahem, FOREVER). The really great nurse ordered them yesterday, and lo and behold they were delivered today. All except the cetrocide kit, that for some reason was having issues with the insurance covering it. I'm afraid of the cetrocide anyway. It's suppose to supress ovulation. WHO WANTS THAT??? Not me. I know its bad to have several eggs develop (like 8) but I'll take 2,3 or 4! Whatever helps increase our chances. I was reading through the literature, and it states that while a normal couple may have a 1-2% chance of multiples, with the Gonal-F & IUI it increases those odds to 30%! WOAH! That's a huge jump. But if that is what we are blessed with than so be it. I'd love it anyway honestly! 1 2 3 even 4 babies at once! I've been through several challenges in the recent years, I think I could handle another. One of my best friends has twin girls and they are lovely beautiful handfuls! I really just want to concentrate on the getting pregnant part first though. That seems to be the biggest hoop I need to jump through.

I'm excited to celebrate the holiday weekend at home this year. Last year I was recovering from surgery and couldn't really get into it. This year I'm excited have plenty of options including fireworks, BBQ's, swimming, or just relaxing and doing chores around the house. I would love to get my closet cleaned out and donate all the clothes I don't wear anymore!

Graduation was a blast! I totally feel accomplished now. I think I'm going to make a list of things I want to do for the rest of the summer starting now:

1. Clean out my closet

2. Finish the landscaping projects outside

3. Save money for a weekend trip to Niagra Falls

4. Move my family room to living room, and find a SWEET deal on a new dining room table.

hmmm...I know there's more I just have to think about it!!

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Pril said...

umm so your switching the living room to a dinning room! How offical of you!
Still wish you lucky on the baby or babies! :)