Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My new love affair with acoustic music

So I don't have a radio at work so I've been listening to The best part about this website is you can type in an artist that you like and they'll play other stuff by other artists that is similiar. I've learned about SO many new bands and performers this way. In fact there's a concert at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in August where a performer named Xavier Rudd is playing and I would LOVE to go. Everytime I hear a song that I really like I've been typing it on a list. My list is now 4 pages long. I'm going to have to upload these songs to my new phone next month, since my ipod is out of commission. I've been kind of bent on these acoustic/folky/bluesy bands for the last month or so. Some of the artists that I've really liked are :
1. Xavier Rudd
2. Eric Hutchinson
3. Amos Lee
4. Ray LaMontagne

Look them up if you like that genre of music!! You won't be sorry!

The IUI went well I think. Steve's numbers were EXCELLENT and my scan from Friday was also tip top. The IUI was a bit painful. Like pinching and crampy. I think it was mostly because I couldn't relax. I mean really who CAN relax when strangers are staring at your goods. Now for the longest 2 week wait EVER. I'm hopeful, I'm nervous. I really, really, really want this to work....

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Pril said...

Pandora does the same stuff. We have Last fm on our xbox as well cool stuff!