Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Different from the Norm

Well this 4th of July weekend will be much different than the norm. Since we usually spend the weekend up at the cottages, and we aren't doing so this year (because I will be recovering from surgery),I'm baffled as to what are the haps Downriver during this weekend. I know we're invited to a party on Saturday at John's house. I hope he has a lounge chair for me to chill in. AJ has already promised me handicapped parking. Will I even be able to have a few drinks??? I must remember to ask the doctor tomorrow morning. Other than that I believe most of my time will be spent on the couch watching reruns of Friends and Roseanne while eating pain pills to numb my insides from the intrusion.

The rest of our summer is mainly filled with weddings and family in from out of town.

I'm hoping the pain isn't too bad, and that the healing goes smoothly! Say a little prayer please!

Ok, well on to class and then up early early to head to the hospital.

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Pril said...

Well good luck!!!