Tuesday, December 16, 2008

While the merry bells keep ringing.....

I have to apologize for seeming to ignore my blog for a few weeks. Finals came and I was scrambling to finish everything. Good news is I Aced the semester and even made the President's list. Which, if I'm not mistaken, means I get to go to a fancy dinner and get a gold pin or something. Next semester will come too fast I fear, since I'm loving the break too much.

In other news I've been frugally shopping for all my relatives for Christmas, and of course with these "hard economic times" it's been nice of everyone to understand that with Steve being laid off we can't afford things as usual. I did get my bonus from work though which really helped catch things up and pay for a few gifts that I wanted to purchase. I told Steve the only thing I really want for Christmas is to go see Wicked at the Opera House, and a scarf. A super soft, and really long scarf. So I can fold it in half and loop it through like I like to do. Not sure if he found one, but my birthday isn't too far away, it could happen.

My mom and I went to White Christmas this past Sunday. I got free tickets from Blue Cross and it was pretty awesome. We were in a suite, and it included a free dinner buffet and dessert was served at intermission. I thought my mom would like to go since she and I used to watch all those old timey movie musicals together, and I was right. We did have a good time. She also hadn't been Downtown in over 13 years! So we walked over to my office and then we drove around the city a little, and I got to hear stories about what it used to look like. It was a great day.

Candie was also up in Michigan visiting and had her baby shower. The Tadlock Twins are growing nicely, and when she got back home (Florida) they found our they're having twin girls! She beleives it's karma since she's a twin herself.

Here's a few pics:

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Jules said...

I have the longest/squishy scarf that I knit out of alpaca fiber. I did it when I first learned to knit and I love it. Sadly I can't get the brand of yarn around here or I'd knit one for you!