Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sleigh bells Ring are you listening

What a fun weekend. We decided to go bowling with our friends to celebrate Joe's upcoming birthday. Once again, team red prevailed, and it felt good to do something on the weekend other than hanging at Snookers (no offense to our friends that are employed there).

Saturday night was the ANNUAL MILLER CHRISTMAS PARTY, complete with "Santa Claus" (Uncle Dave), homemade fudge, and an over abundance of alcohol. I decided pretty early, knowing that the weather was going to turn that I would be the the one to drive us home safely. So I hung out with my sister-in-law (the 1st Sarah Miller) and watched Bewitched and bs'd. I'm glad I didn't have more that one cocktail, because the drive home at 3am was a bit tense. We came home ate our late night Taco Bell fix and went to bed.

Once the snow rage of Saturday into Sunday had calmed a bit, Steve and I thought it would be fun to go sledding. Well no such luck. We forgot the saucer sleds at his parent's the night before, and when we drove past, the kids of our neighborhood had already taken full advantage, and the hill was reduced to slush and mud. Boo! :( So we spent the evening wrapping gifts and watched "Superbad." If you haven't seen this movie I recommend it! The end was a bit campy, but all in all it was pretty hilarious.

Saturday we also met with our wedding photographer to get our proof book and DVD's. Here's one of the pictures:

Once we purchase the negative CD I will have lots more to show.

7 days until Christmas!

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Jules said...

Hey Sarah! The wedding pictures looking fantastic! You look amazing! I love that dress! Glad to see you on here. I'll be adding you to my links so I remember to check in!

Merry Christas!