Thursday, November 1, 2012

Callie in her 5th Month

My family keeps me super busy. Working full time and being a Mommy ALL the time has really affected my updates on this blog. I want to make sure I write everything down not to just share with you, but so we can all look back see how things have changed. Callie will grow up with tons of her friend's Moms also having blogs and pictures of embarrassing "baby moments" out there on the internet for all to google.

Recently we've been dealing with Callie getting colds about every three weeks. She is in daycare 4 days a week since we both work full time and everyone just keeps saying "it's what happens in daycare" but it breaks my heart. I hate hearing her cough all the time and seeing her fuss because she doesn't feel well. I hate that every morning I have to take her somewhere that isn't in bed to cuddle with Mama. I know it's an adjustment, but I just want to be with her all the time and not being able to stinks. I want to raise MY baby. I don't want to miss the important stuff. She seems happy and loves the ladies that take care of her. Her daycare is lovely and well organized and every time I'm there someone is cleaning. But they aren't Me or Steve. I'm sure every other working parent feels the same. I would've at least liked to stay home with her until she was older. We are trying to figure out a way that I will be able to if we give her a sibling.

Talk of siblings is already on the table. We'd like to start TTC baby numero dos in the spring. Essentially I'd like to have the baby by 2014, but we all know what happens to the best laid plans...especially with my body. So I'll go into it with full knowledge this time and with the pressure that was so prevalent before, gone. Yesterday we met one of our friends baby, he is 2 months and so itty bitty (He was premature so he is around 9lbs now). It was hard to believe Callie was ever that small. It made my heart long to do it again.

Callie has also been diagnosed with brachycephaly. Basically her head is flat in the back because of being squished inutero from the hematoma and because she was such a good sleeper. It is not severe but in the moderate range. Her head measures 99% (meaning she is almost even length to width). Her ears and facial features are symetrical She needs a helmet, but while we are appealing our denial from the insurance company for it we are being proactive and doing at home therapy. She is also going to see the chiropractor for the first time on Tuesday.

This does not mean she is not gorgeous and perfect to us. She is. She is such a joy and I love watching all her new developments and skills. She is currently giggling, growling, making rasberry sounds. She is picking up toys and switching them from hand to hand. She LOVES music and vegetables. She does NOT like bananas, or cold peas. She goes to bed at 8pm after we read a book and rarely fusses (knock on wood). She has 2 teeth! 2!!! She got them both in the same week. She drools like crazy and lights up when her Daddy walks in the room. She is inchworming when she is on her belly and it is hilarious. Every morning when I go in to feed her she gives me a HUGE grin, which always starts my day out right. Everyone she meets is delighted by her. She is my heart on the outside.

Recent Pictures of our Peanut:

Picking our Pumpkins

My little Cindy Lou Who

I also take videos if you're like to see her in action CLICK HERE