Monday, July 16, 2012

My darling, my sweet, my daughter

To say how much we are in love with our little baby girl can not be expressed with words. I am still emotional to see how she changes every day. And this is not an exaggeration. She literally changes EVERY day. This week she has started chewing on her fingers, and I have to tear them out of her mouth when she's starving to stick the bottle in. Its silly and new, and yet ALWAYS with her left hand. So I'm hoping this means she'll be left handed like her Mama.

She smiles all the time now, although not on command. It is the sweetest part of my day. I looking forward to hearing her first laugh, her first word. I'm excited for the day when she starts to reach for me because I'm her Mama. Or for the first time when she hugs me first. But for now I am content with those smiles because I do not want this time with my sweet newborn to go any faster than it already is.

To say her Daddy is smitten would be an understatement. He beams with pride everywhere we go with her. He loves to show her off, and I love overhearing him interact with her. He sings silly little songs to her and he laughs when she talks (coos) to him.

She had her first round of shots today. And I'm thanking the Lord I didn't have to go. I think I would've cried. Steve said she screamed and was royally pissed off for a good 3 minutes. Poor baby! According to Dr. O she is 12lbs 2oz and 24 inches long! My Callie is in the 95th percentile for height and weight! She is going to be tall like her Mama! I knew she was long because the couple babies she's been next to are 3 months and they are the same size!

Here's some pictures from the last week
All tuckered out from the Trenton Street Fair

My baby happy in the morning!

Proud Daddy's with their daughters (Peyton is a month older than Callie)

BIG smiles for Grandma!

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Faith said...

She is SO cute! Yes, shots are tough. Jackson SCREAMS when the doctor walks in the room no matter what. Addy sometimes doesn't even cry when she gets a shot! Crazy! All those moments you described - I get to experience them now and I LOVE it. I look forward to so much with them. It feels good:).