Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fruit and Linen

Today is our 4th Wedding Anniversary. I also started writing this blog four years ago. My first post began as a "Beginning" like every good story does. Talking about what the future may hold and what a glorious day it was. All I can think about is the love and time spent together and how we are so lucky and blessed to say that our dreams and goals are being realized. Even if it wasn't on the timeline we thought it'd be we are still thankful and really excited to see what our future holds.

So, four years ago today I woke up giddy like it was Christmas on my Mom's couch with my cousin snoozing on the other couch ready to jump in the shower and get my hair done so I could go marry my husband. I don't remember saying our vows, but I do remember the KISS, and I do remember the way he looked at me when I was walking down the aisle. The rest of the night was a big blur of a party, but I do remember calling him my husband for the first time.

Today I woke up to kisses from that awesome husband, wishing me and the "mini-muffin" a wonderful day. We don't have anything extravagant planned for tonight. Just dinner. We've been so preoccupied that neither of us planned any gifts. Just as well, we are very prepared that our individual selves aren't the first priority anymore.

What a wonderful wonderful gift we've been given.


Faith said...

Happy Anniversary! You are so blessed and I am so happy for you!!

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary! How are you feeling??