Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outpouring of Love...

I am extremely excited and nervous about how this fundraising event is going to go. I really want it to be successful and have no idea how to make that happen. I have received such a great response on facebook of people wanting to donate and I am a bit overwhelmed on how to organize the rest.

First on my list is to begin a spreadsheet so I may send out thank you notes to those that donate/volunteer their time.

Second is to hope we receive lots of items that will sell.

Third to PRAY PRAY & PRAY SOME MORE for the weather to cooperate with us, that maybe our next IUI (IUI #6, will be in May probably the week of the sale) will work and this will all be for naught, and hope people will show up!

I spoke with my friend Melissa yesterday and while talking it over with her I have kind of organized how things will work in my head. Not to mention she has some pretty great items to donate! I also don't think my car will fit in the garage for much longer! We've already received a few items, along with promises of lots of baked goods and desserts from my in-laws and close neighbors.

With all that said it's gearing up to be a pretty successful sale! I am going to make posters and will make a special one to put out front listing the whys and a little history about us (probably will be the background part of the posting below).

I am really hoping that one of these last 2 IUI's will work...but I am grateful to everyone who is helping us to realize if it doesn't we have help to raise the money for IVF.

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Faith said...

Yay! I am so happy for you! If I had something of value to sell, I'd ship it your way for sure. But, alas, I just have crap:). Fingers crossed that this next IUI works and the money you make will just be extra!