Monday, January 31, 2011

What my future hath told..

So today is 13 days past IUI #4b. I have several symptoms, but whether they are PMS or pregnancy symptoms I have no idea. I think they vary month to month, so I don't think I could tell either way. I caved and took a test this morning not really expecting either way. Of course it was negative. My post would have started differently if it was otherwise. I know it could still be too early to tell, but I don't think so. I'm just ready to get the show on the road either way. Two week waits suck, especially when the end result stinks. The only reason I'm calling them "symptoms" is because they are unusual for me to have before AF shows up.

I went to a "Fortune Telling" party with my sister-in-law and grandma-in-law over the weekend. It was super fun. Somethings she was creepily right about. She talked about the infertility, and how long we had been trying. I had not mentioned any of it at all. She said we were going to have a son (maybe twin sons because a son in my life was so prevalent). Lots of the cards she kept turning over were "pregnancy cards" and "stork" cards. She said I should have a pregnancy belly by the fall! lol! I guess only time will tell. One can only hope. She also said that we wouldn't need to go the more expensive route, that what we were doing will work. I don't know about all that, but I guess we'll see.

The fortune teller told us that we would also be going on a vacation in April or May to Vegas! That would be so awesome! She said that hubby and I could really use some R&R. I totally agree. Oh and she said we would buy a house that has more land in 2012. It would just "fall in our laps" and don't turn it down.

Totally entertaining and fun. I'll take it with a grain of salt, but I hope she's right about the baby part!

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