Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In bloom....

My Christmas cactus almost in bloom!!

So my 1ww has turned into longer. I am officially LATE. Although I took a test yesterday and got negative results. I did some research and found out prometrium can delay your cycle by a couple days. I am not optimistic. Nothing on me is feeling like this is going to be a "positive" outcome. Even with 17 dang follicles!!! Can you even believe that? So I wish we could just get this show on the road for the next cycle. Whether it be birth control or being able to start the fertility drugs again. My new doctor is amazing as fist impressions go. He is on target with everything I want. Basically more testing and more aggressiveness. We will be combining femara & menopur since I had great results with the femara. Followed by back to back IUI's and maybe a booster HCG shot 3 days after the IUI. I'm excited by the possibilities of hopefully succeeding. The new doctor gives you ALL the info, and tells you everything you need to know. So c'mon you dirty hag AF, get on with it.....unless......and I guess a teensy tiny little part of me is still in my head saying "unless"...Calling my new doctor to tell them I haven't started so they can run blood work tomorrow or Friday.

Halloween was pretty good. I flew solo to a couple of the parties we were invited to. I was the Hamburglar. I guess I 3rd wheeled it since I was with friends. Steve was on midnights. We've actually planned out the rest of the year on the swing shift turn he is on, and it was going to be perfect. Midnights for Thanksgiving & Christmas, but off for NYE. I need my midnight smooch people! Alas, the higher ups have seen to change our lives and he might have to go on a different turn, which will screw up our whole holiday season. afternoons for Thanksgiving & Christmas...and midnights for NYE! I am not happy. He is not happy. I guess when working swing shift it comes with the territory

In bloom!

This is the only flower so far, but there are several more on their way~

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