Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heffalumps and Woozles

Things have been a little hectic and I feel I'm neglecting my blogspot terribly. Well so far this month I've been just writing and rewriting these damn research papers for my classes. The semester is coming to a head like a humungous pimple on the edge of my sanity. Data sets, and more data sets, along with tedious literature reviews of course cited perfectly in APA format. I thought we were past having it rammed into our brains about APA format. This should've been done freshman year, but again here we are 8 weeks into a 10 week semester STILL TALKING ABOUT FUCKING APA FORMAT!!! (excuse my language) I think I've done well to keep up with the demands of both classes and the demands at work & home. I'm REALLY looking forward to the week break we get next week because of the holiday. I need the break almost as bad and I need my roots touched up, which I've made an appointment for on Saturday.

Speaking of getting my hair done, Steve and I were watching Gilmore Girls the other day. And when I say Steve and I, I mean ME, and Steve complaining about why I turned it on when I've obviously seen it before and it's recorded on the DVR, and HELLO there's a hockey game about to come on. lol, anywho I digress. So he noticed Alexis Bledel's (Rory) bangs and said he thinks bangs are sexy and I should get some. Now I haven't had bangs since 87, when my mother gave me the terrible pixie cut of the early 80's and it finally grew out after 1st grade. I'm afraid of bangs for a few reasons:
1. They won't look good with my face shape
2. I won't know how to style them
3. If I hate them, then I'll have to wait for the awkward grow
out period.
I guess I'll just have to wing it, and of course take the advice from my trustworthy stylist Tracie, who knows me and my "hair"isms. So my friends, what do you think? BANGS or NO BANGS?

In bad news, the company Steve works for laid off 600 people last week and unfortunately my husband was one of them. It's def temporary so says the bossman, but for how long we're unsure. Could be January, or could be April before he gets a call back. We aren't terribly upset, since we had an inkling this was coming and have been saving our pennies in our mortgage account to make sure we are covered. Plus Steve can sign back up for more classes which is a terrific thing since he is SO close to being done with his Associates Degree. I figure the more he gets done, the closer he is to being finished and the closer we are to him finding a career that isn't threatened by these damn layoffs (I know thats a lot to say, but his major is Health Services: Radiology, and medical professionals are really wanted). The thing that bums me out the most is that as of Nov 30th we no longer have health insurance, so my surgery that was set for December 17th has been postponed along with any further action with Dr. Blacker. Damn economy!

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Jules said...

I'm sorry your husband was laid off. And that you had to postpone your appointment for the surgery! Michigan is rough! Move to Arizona, we are hiring everywhere like crazy! Good luck with school and enjoy that break!